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Embark On A Stunning

Culinary Journey

Combining with rare superior ingredients hand-picked and prepared by a dedicated team of expert chefs helmed by Chef Tian, each dish served at Bistro Na’s guarantees its guest an authentic taste of the royal Manchu cuisine. 

"We wanted to bring the upscale Classic Chinese culinary feast to the mass of Los Angeles, and let them relish the appetizing taste of Chinese specialties.”
- Mr XianYi Kong

Bistro Na's received Michelin one star in 2019 & 2021


Embark on a stunning culinary journey

to the heart of Imperial Chinese culinary experience.

A Chinese Fine Dining
Culinary Journey

Enclosed within the dwellings of a formal Chinese courtyard with its surroundings meticulously harmonized with opulent bamboo trim and high-hanging soft lights, diners at Bistro Na’s will find themselves ventured through time back to the last imperial dynasty of China while enjoying full tranquility under the ritualistic environment.

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